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10 Best Hikes In Aruba: Family Friendly Trails

Even though Aruba is mainly known for its beaches and other fun activities, there are also some easy and family friendly hikes on the island where you can see natural pools, rock arches, and desert landscapes at the Arikok National Park.

Don’t expect anything truly mind blowing like the scenery you might see in the U.S. national parks, but hiking in Aruba can still be a good way to get away from the crowds and enjoy the coastline while burning some calories.

This is our guide to some of the best hikes in Aruba! If you have any other favorites, let me know in the comments at the end of the blog post.

1. Conchi Natural Pool

The Conchi natural pool is one of the most famous spots in Arikok National Park. It’s a beautiful turquoise tide pool that you can swim in, surrounded by a wall of rocks that protects you from the crashing waves.

There are several ways to get to the natural pool. Most people go with a jeep tour, but you can also get there by hiking from the Arikok Visitor’s Center.

Along the way, you can see goats and lizards, and other interesting things, and the main payoff is getting to swim in the natural pool at the end of the trail.

This is a long and exposed hike that can be seriously hot. I’d recommend buying your park pass the day before so you can start the hike no later than 6 AM. Definitely bring a hat and sunscreen, and more water than you think you need.

Distance: 10.5 km (6.5 mi) roundtrip
Time: 3 – 4 hours

Conchi Natural Pool

Conchi Natural Pool


2. Daimari to Conchi Natural Pool

Another way you can get to the Conchi natural pool is by hiking from Daimari Bay. I like this route better, because it’s slightly easier and most of the time is spent walking along the coastline.

Along the way, you’ll also pass Boca Keto, a rugged twin beach with a unique rock formation called the ‘Klein Aruba’ (miniature Aruba), because from above it looks like a smaller version of the island of Aruba!

You can see it in the picture below.

Best Hikes In Aruba Family Friendly Hiking Trails Arikok National Park Drone Boca Keto

Boca Keto beach and the ‘Klein Aruba’ rock formation

This was our favorite hike in the Arikok National Park, and we didn’t see a single person the whole time.

Remember to wear a hat and sunscreen, and bring plenty of water. This is the most remote part of the island, so you don’t want to get in trouble here.

You’ll have to park at the top of the hill before the Rancho Daimari (map here), because the road is very rutted with huge potholes.

Distance: 4 km (2.5 mi) roundtrip
Time: 60 – 90 minutes

Cactus Arikok National Park

An interesting cactus at the Arikok National Park. Wouldn’t want to step on it!


3. Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge

Aruba is home to several rock bridges formed by sea erosion over the years, and the most popular one is the natural bridge at Andicuri Bay, which is visited by many day tours now.

However, the best rock bridge in Aruba is actually a bit harder to find, and it’s not really visited by tours yet. I’m talking about the Seroe Colorado natural bridge, which is located on the southern corner of Aruba island. You can find it on the map here.

The Seroe Colorado is an amazing bridge, and it almost looks like a picture frame for the ocean! You can visit it by driving to San Nicolas with your own vehicle and then doing a short (but tricky) 10 minute hike down the rocks.

The route to this natural bridge is unmarked and the path is a bit treacherous, with sharp rocks and a steep downhill walk. I’d only recommend it for surefooted people with good footwear, but the effort is well worth it!

Best Hikes In Aruba Family Friendly Hiking Trails Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge

Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge


4. Casibari Rocks

The Casibari rock formation is a neat little free spot in central Aruba where you can climb to the top of a rock pile and enjoy scenic views of the island.

There’s a stairway to the top of the rocks so it’s pretty doable for all ages, although you still have to work for it. You can reach the top in just a few minutes of climbing. The platform at the top is fenced for safety, but you’ll still want to keep an eye on little kids.

From the top of the rocks, you have great views of Aruba island and the Hooiberg hill, which is one of the tallest points on the island. Don’t expect anything too mind blowing, but it’s still worth a visit!

Best Hikes In Aruba Family Friendly Hiking Trails Casibari Rock Formation

The unique looking Casibari rock formation


5. Hooiberg Hill

The Hooiberg hill in central Aruba is the second tallest point on the island of Aruba, with an elevation of 165 meters (541 feet). The name ‘Hooiberg’ means haystack in Dutch, and comes from the shape of the hill.

While it might look intimidating, the Hooiberg is not too hard to climb, and fit hikers can reach the top in as little as 20 minutes. It has paved stairs all the way to the top, although there are hundreds of steps!

This is a good workout, so I’d avoid doing it in the middle of the day when temperatures are the hottest. You should definitely bring a hat and plenty of water too.

From the top, you get amazing views of the whole island of Aruba, and you can see all the way out to Venezuela in South America. It’s also a great spot for watching the sunrise or sunset!

Distance: 1 km (0.6 mi) roundtrip
Time: ~30 minutes

Best Hikes In Aruba Family Friendly Hiking Trails Hooiberg Hill

Hooiberg Hill is one of the tallest points on Aruba island


6. Ayo Rocks

The Ayo rock formation is another nice little hike in Aruba that’s good for families, kids, and travelers of all ages.

These giant boulders are fun to climb, and you can even see native petroglyphs left there a long time ago by the Arawak people, the island’s first settlers.

The caves and passageways between the rocks add another fun element to the experience, but watch out for wasp nests because sometimes you’ll see them here.

We found this spot by accident while driving around Aruba, but it was a lot of fun to explore. It’s free to enter and open 24/7.

Best Hikes In Aruba Family Friendly Hiking Trails Ayo Rocks Formation

The Ayo rock formation is a fun little family-friendly hike in Aruba


7. Noordkaap Trail

This trail starts from the parking lot for Aruba’s famous Natural Bridge, which is visited by a lot of day tours (map here). The hike takes you to Blackstone Beach, which is one of the most unique beaches in Aruba.

This secluded beach isn’t good for swimming since it has strong currents, but it’s covered with smooth black rocks and an unusual three-pronged natural bridge called the Tripod Bridge.

I decided to turn back after reaching the Blackstone Beach, but if you keep going, the trail eventually takes you to Daimari Beach and the Conchi Natural Pool. Overall, it’s one of the best Aruba hikes if you want to see unusual beaches and sea arches!

Distance: 2.7 km (1.7 mi) roundtrip
Time: 45 – 60 minutes

Blackstone Beach

Blackstone Beach is one of the most unique beaches in Aruba

Polished Rocks Blackstone Beach

Polished rocks at Blackstone Beach


8. Westpunt Trail

This trail takes you along the northwestern tip of Aruba island, where you can enjoy ocean scenery and sand dunes, plus views of the California Lighthouse.

Westpunt feels surprisingly secluded even though it’s not far from Arashi Beach and other popular tourist sights in Aruba. The entire trail is flat and easy, but it’s unmarked, so you can make this hike as long or as short as you want.

If you walk along the entire Westpunt trail and then loop back via the road to the California Lighthouse, then you’d be looking at a total distance of about 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles).

However, most people will probably prefer to just walk along the coast for half an hour and then turn back. Either way, it’s a good place to escape the crowds!

9. Dos Playa Trail

Dos Playa is a duo of scenic beaches in the Arikok National Park, but the road is very rough, so some people choose to hike it rather than driving.

The beach is usually devoid of crowds, and it’s nice for pictures, with big waves crashing on the rocky coast. Just don’t try to swim here.

You can reach the first beach in about 20 minutes of hiking, and then the second beach in just 10 or 15 minutes.

Distance: 4 km (2.5 mi) roundtrip
Time: ~1 hour

Best Hikes In Aruba Family Friendly Hiking Trails Dos Playa Beach Arikok National Park Drone

Aerial view of the two beaches at Dos Playa


10. Jamanota Hill

Jamanota is the highest point on the island of Aruba, with an elevation of 188 meters (617 feet) above sea level. The name is an Arawak word that loosely translates as ‘Source of Great Spirits.’

You can drive most of the way to the top and then park and hike the rest on foot, although lately I’ve heard there’s a fence with a big hole you have to cross. It’s an amazing spot to see the sunrise or sunset!

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Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed this guide for the best hikes in Aruba island.

Most of these are fairly easy and family friendly, so almost anyone can do them with a bit of preparation.

Don’t forget to check out my other travel blog posts about Aruba before you go!

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