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Our Experience at Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Las Vegas

Lighthouse hosted us with VIP tickets, but we went in to experience it like the general public, unlike press events, which are often entirely different experiences. When we arrived, we saw there was already a line, but you can skip it with VIP access, which had no line (click to see price differences). After they handed us our seat cushions and souvenir badges, we headed inside.

We started off by picking a seat in the quietest corner we could find and stayed there the entire show. I took some time to sit on the floor for a different perspective. There aren’t enough bench seats for every person, so while we arrived early, others enjoyed the show from the floor.

After the show, we received our souvenir poster and sunflower and browsed the gift shop and other displays they had outside. We then got a VIP tour, where a host took us through the exhibits we had missed initially, including how color is portrayed in his work. It was a great way to get more insight into the space and Van Gogh’s work.

We spent slightly over an hour and only sat through the show once but saw that some people stayed longer since it was so peaceful and relaxing inside.

They used to have circles to show where to stand for social distancing, but when we went in January, they weren’t there anymore.

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